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What kind of organization is ILWD?

In Love, Word and Deed is a non-facility, faith-based 501(c)3 Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel and providing food and clothing to the poor and homeless in the Twin Cities area.

Is ILWD part of a church or denomination?

We are an independent, grass-roots, faith-based ministry. We partner with multiple churches, all who have an interest in coming along side and volunteering with a homeless ministry on an ongoing basis. We are not governed by any church organization. Our volunteers come from many churches and other organizations across the Twin Cities and beyond. 

Are my donations tax deductible?

ILWD is faith-based 501(c)3 Christian ministry, your donations are tax deductible. We provide tax letters for cash donations as well as receipts for clothing and items donated. If you need a receipt, just ask, we are happy to give you one.

Where do my donations go? 

Donations are used in multiple settings every week. 

  • One to two times a month, our organization hosts a large group outreach downtown Minneapolis. We distribute donations to anywhere between 100-300 people in need at each event.  
  • Our street team volunteers distribute items as needs arise, and through individual requests.
  • At every bible study, and small group we host, donations are offered to attendees. 

How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved! Between our large group events, weekly bible studies, or various behind the scenes tasks, there are many ways to serve. Please contact us, as we'd love to help equip you to serve!

Do you need help behind the scenes?

ILWD requires many hours of behind-the-scenes volunteering to make every outing a success. We can use volunteers who can sort and fold clothes, prepare bag lunches, perform administrative duties, set-up fundraisers and most importantly...PRAY!!! If you have a unique gift that you can bring to the ministry, please reach out to us. If you are unsure how to help, we can find way to get you plugged in!